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Alfa Romeo, The Stuff of Legends


For 100 years now the iconic symbol of Italian grace has supplied the world with some of the most sublime motoring creations. It is often said you are not a “car person” until you have owned an Alfa Romeo, and we completely agree. These cars have some form so magic woven into their construction as each one is the closest you can get to forming an emotional attachment to your pride and joy. They are the purest form of motoring blending both the driver and machine in infinite equilibrium. Alfa Romeo’s aren’t all fast, or well built, or even reliable. So why adore them? It’s that indescribable attachment to them that makes them so special. You don’t buy an Alfa with your head; you buy it with your heart…

60 Years ago this weekend see’s the anniversary of Alfa Romeo’s historic 1-2-3 win at the first ever Formula One European championship race. Italian driver, Giuseppe Farina, dominated events to bring home the 300bhp 158 race car – also known as the Alfetta – ahead of fellow Alfa drivers Luigi Fagioli and Britain’s Reg Parnell. The 8 cylinder 158 won every race during the 1950 season!

If you have never experienced the joy (and pains) of owning an Alfa Romeo I strongly advise you make a conscious effort to get hold of one. It will be the greatest chapter in your motoring experiences.