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Alfa Romeo TZ3 Set For Limited Production


Alfa Romeo’s are the ultimate drivers cars. The way they manage to connect to you and be such a pleasure to drive is unique to the Italian brand. Also the vast majority of them are absolutely gorgeous thanks to their deep connections with design houses of the same nationality. Last years partnership with Zagato to build the one off TZ3 produced on of the most jaw dropping machines to ever grace the tarmac. Now it is reported that it will be produced in limited numbers!

The TZ3 was based on an Alfa Romeo 8C and was equipped for the track with racing suspension. Whispers from various corners are saying that Alfa are preparing a limited run of road going TZ3’s but thanks to Fait’s connection to Dodge it could be getting Viper power. A V10 specially tuned for this very unique machine. 8.4 litres of pure power, design perfection and Italian passion… SIGN US UP!

More news when we get it.