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Aston Martin’s Future Models Uncovered


Aston Martin is one of the few manufacturers that we can say has the perfect line-up across the model range. Each car is individual, beautiful and fantastic to drive as well as having that quintessential British charm the makes an Aston an Aston. Whether it is James Bond at the wheel or someone who has saved their entire life to own one, disappointment is a word that doesn’t appear in the Aston Martin dictionary. And looking at the manufactures plans over the next six years, it’s not likely to.


The Aston Martin Cygnet launches and becomes the company’s first town car. This is the first ever Aston Martin we despise, however it isn’t being sold as a standalone car thank god! The rebadged Toyota IQ with its garish grills can only be obtained as an optional extra when you buy another Aston Martin, the idea being that you use the Cygnet whilst in the city.


The DB9 has been Aston’s most significant car of the past 10 years and around about 2013 we should be seeing a replacement. However Aston Martin have said that the DB9 will be heavily revised as to being replaced so the car is to receive a reworked V12 and a new body that is aimed at being stiffer as well as lighter. With a new DB9 comes a new DBS and it is promised to be more powerful and even more masculine in its design, we can’t wait!


The revised Vantage takes another stab at bettering the Porsche 911 and aims to be a little bit greener thanks to some weight shedding. In the same year Aston hopes to officially launch the Lagonda badge again as a highly luxurious arm to the company. The cars will be all new but we’re all hoping they look nothing like the concept we saw last year.


Far off into the future the Rapide will have its revision with the same engine that will go into the new DB9 and more styling taken from the DBS to make it have further road presence.

These are just the cars Aston Martin is giving us but you can bet there will be a lot more to come!