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Aston Martin’s new V8 Vantage, the N420


Remember the track derived Aston Martin V8 Vantage N400? It was essentially a stripped out V8 Vantage with very low suspension, harsher breaks and a race fuel system. Though it was road legal it was unbearable on anything other than a track, and that was a shame because the sharpened handling and the extra power meant it was brilliant to drive in the right environment. Aston have just launched what they feel is the best compromise, you call it the N420, we call it potential.

This special edition V8 includes lower suspension and a new sports exhaust system boosting the power of the 4.7 litre block to; yes you guessed it, 420BHP. A hefty 27KG has been amputated but the car still retains its luxury cabin making it just as refined as the standard model. Both the coupe and roadster variants of the N420 will reach 180MPH and you can order yours for a reasonable £96,995 this month.