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Aston Martin Announce New Virage


We were none too happy about Aston Martin’s latest release. The ugly rebadged Toyota iQ that goes by the name Cygnet was about as far away from an Aston Martin as is physically possible to be so. However the British company have yet another new car for us to get excited about, and lets be honest, a new model from this brand always means excitement.

It is called the Virage and if you are thinking “that looks very much like a DB9” you would be spot on. You see when manufacturers say “all new” they mean its a new model and the Virage is based upon the DB9. Designed to slot between the standard DB9 and the DBS the new car has some very seductive new shapes and that certainly worked their magic on us. Under the bonnet is the same 6.0 litre V12 heart but with 490BHP and 420lb-ft of torque. 0-62MPH is done in under 4.5 seconds and it wont stop until it reaches 186MPH. Carbon breaks and Pirell P Zero tyres are standard making this car a true performance package from the get go.

We like, we like very much.