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Aston Martin Cygnet Confirmed For Production


In a world where the environmental police have no mercy and the taxman is one of their greatest allies what hope is there for our heroes, our performance cars? Will we be doomed to the fate of a future where the supercar is a myth or is there another way? What some manufactures have done to lower their emissions is produce a city car that in turn lowers the average CO2 of a brand. Aston Martin is doing just that with confirmation that their Cygnet is set for production.

I’m not so sure about a baby swan, more like ugly duckling, but in business terms this car has a purpose. Yet in my view I would say it pollutes the brand and its reputation for prestige sports cars, it is based on a Toyota IQ for god’s sake! It’s no more an Aston than elephant’s are birds, it’s just wrong and I feel that this will damage the brands global appearance. It’s not their fault; blame the Eco-Nazi raceme that we are enslaved to. The impure child will join the otherwise magnifisent line-up at some point during 2011.

Here is Aston Martin’s justification…


  1. Hi,

    it might be a justificacion …………..but Ithink that It’s a good choice. It’s for urban and city use, It’s not a racing car.
    Small, design, lowest consume…. well…..It’s an Aston Martin.


  2. That’s cute… but i wonder how much this Aston is going to cost and if its going to be in the State side.