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Aston Martin Cygnet Ready For Launch


Aston Martin is one of those iconic brands that just oozes charisma. The British company has won the “coolest brand” award for several years in succession beating off the likes of Apple and Nike. Their production being some of the greatest GT’s on the road does them credit and with more models joining the range and impressing journalists the cars popularity is only going to increase. However the hand of the Eco-Nazi has reached deep into the industry forcing manufacturers of performance machines to reduce their carbon emissions. Aston has decided to combat this with the launch of a city car, possibly the worst decision they could have made…

The company has a firm reputation for building some of the world’s most beautiful machines with brilliant engineering at their heart. The Cygnet is none of these as it not only suffers from “ugly duckling syndrome” but is also based on a Toyota iQ, and that is most defiantly not an Aston Martin. The interior may well be upholstered with the quality of a DB9 but you can’t get away from the fact that it is a £31,000 Toyota! The special edition launch models, named black and white, go on sale this April.

Do you want James Bond to drive a 1.33 litre Toyota? I know I don’t but no doubt the marketing department will find a way.