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Aston Martin DB10 VS Jaguar C-X75 in New Spectre Video


Spectre Aston VS JagAny James Bond film is greatly anticipated the world over, especially when the previous instalment was one of the best in 007 history. Skyfall blended action, charm, wit and that beautiful DB5 into a feast for the mind. Spector, due for release later this year, will take the same ingredients and add what is set to be one of the greatest car chases in movie history. Naturally James bond will have the keys to an Aston Martin, but the new villain reignites an old rivalry with Jaguar.

However, these cars are not simply plucked from the production line. The Jaguar in question is the C-X75, a one of three hyper car designed to take on McLaren and Ferrari. However, Jag later scrapped production plans hence the small volume. The Aston Martin is built specifically for the film and is named the DB10. Full details on this unique British sports car HERE.

In the latest teaser for the film we are treated to some of the action set in Rome. Watch as the C-X75 chases after a rather tail happy DB10 under the glow of street lights. Spectre will leave you both shaken and stirred. Check it out below.