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Aston Martin DBS Ultimate Revealed


The Aston Martin DBS is a phenomenal car. Howling V12 up front, power sent to the rear and a low slung cockpit in between. We would go as far as to say that it is the best GT car in the world. These days it is 007’s weapon of choice making it even more sort after than it would be alone. Alas, the end is near for the DBS. Later this year we will see for the first time its replacement, but don’t go thinking the DBS will simply fade into the pages of history. Aston are giving it one final moment in the spotlight.

This is the Aston Martin DBS Ultimate and being the last of its kind the British brand have gone all out. The interior has diamond quilt stitching with contrasting thread, carbon fibre garnishes the diffuser and rear lights, the artillery pieces that make up the exhausts are now coated, and the callipers come in an array of colours. The key thing about this model is the attention to detail. Just enough to define this amazing machine in its best light. The Aston Martin DBS Ultimate is available in both coupe and volante formats.