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Aston Martin GT8 Revealed


Aston Martin GT8 frontAston Martin are very proud of their racing heritage and quite rightly so. The British brand are still very much an active part of the racing scene with their cars competing in multiple disciplines with much success. When Aston decide to bring something from the track to the road it is usually pretty special, a la GT12. Today sees the unveiling of that cars sibling and with just 150 being offered, the new Aston Martin GT8 will be a rare sight indeed.

Serving as the little brother of the seemingly Batmobile inspired GT12, the Aston Martin GT8 appears just as sinister with a rather extreme aerodynamic package. Aggressive front splitter, side sills, large rear wing, and huge diffuser bring the race car looks. Beautiful carbon fibre structures weave together forming some very intricate design.

Based upon the V8 Vantage, this GT8 is powered by a 4.7 litre V8 engine which sends power to the rear wheels via a choice of 6 speed manual or 7 speed automatic transmissions. Power is a claimed 440 BHP which is 10 BHP more than the standard Vantage. Removing weight has been a key focus of the engineers behind this car. With a lighter exhaust system, plenty of carbon fibre, plastic windows, and magnesium wheels, the total saving is 100kg. The interior is still rather plush despite this with plenty of alcantara. No other performance figures have been made available as of yet.

You can have an Aston Martin GT8 from £165,000 but as mentioned, just 150 will be made available with many sold already.

Aston Martin GT8 rear