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Aston Martin Lagonda Taraf to cost £696,000


Aston Martin Lagonda TarafAston Martin’s incredible Lagonda Taraf is set to cost an astonishing £696,000, without including the huge range of options available that will get the price much closer to the £800,000 mark. Aston Martin’s CEO, Dr Andy Palmer announced the ‘Lagonda Taraf’, or ‘ultimate luxury’ in the Middle Eastern, at a hotel in Dubai late in 2014.

When the Aston Martin Lagonda Taraf was originally announced, the British firm were confident that it would be a Middle Eastern only product and wouldn’t be sold elsewhere. However, after large global interest Aston have decided it will be available worldwide, meaning some of the 200 available worldwide will be coming to the UK. The previous plan from Aston Martin was to only produce 100 Lagondas and sell them to Middle Eastern customers by invitation only.

The Lagonda is a car of improbable luxury and huge exclusivity. The Aston Martin badge reads ‘Lagonda’ on the long bonnet, completing the sporty but premium profile. Inside is an interior bathed in the finest materials – the doors, seats and roof lining are finished with quilted leather and the sculptured surfaces fully illustrate the opulence of this car.

Under the bonnet, lives a 550bhp 6.0-litre V12 engine, which means a top speed of around 200mph and 0-62mph dealt with in around 5 seconds. This is therefore a car of power, speed and above all, luxury. A beautiful piece of engineering which only the wealthiest will have the privilege of owning.