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Aston Martin N430 is GT4 Inspired


Aston Martin N430 rearIs there a more gentlemanly gentleman’s racing car than an Aston Martin? That long bonnet and voluptuous curves make for some of the best silhouettes on the race track, but what happens when said gentleman needs to drive home? He can’t legally take his GT4 racing car on the road, nor would he likely want to use it for his journey home due to how Spartan the cockpit is. The answer, according to Aston Martin, is one of their new special editions. Aston Martin N430 is GT4 inspired.

The Aston Martin N430 makes its debut at the Geneva motor show and blends racing technology with the V8 vantage we know and love. Power comes from an exquisite 4.7 litre V8 orchestra that not only produces an excellent symphony, but also 430BHP. 0-62MPH is completes in 4.6 seconds and the car will go onto a top speed of 190MPH. Its gearbox is a six speed manual with a close ratio paddle shifter available as an option. Inside lightweight seats and a smattering carbon on the dashboard signifies this model as being different from its Vantage brothers.

This Aston Martin N430 can be yours this September from £89,995.

Aston Martin N430 insideAston Martin N430 front