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Aston Martin Teases Mystery New Car


Aston Martin teaserAston Martin are celebrating 100 years of building some of the finest cars to ever grace tarmac. It is a big Birthday and so Aston has been treating itself with special cars such as the incredible CC100 Concept. Today the British brand has released a teaser video to preview what appears to be a new model. The heavily shadowed car give slight clues in its silhouette but nothing definitive. From what we can see it appears to be representative of a Vantage and also has similar bonnet grills to the V12 Vantage. Updated lights like those found on the Vanquish and an interior that would appear production ready suggests that whatever this car is, it isn’t far away… Our best guess? Aston Martin V12 Vantage S, perhaps a final swan song before the model reaches the end of its life.