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Aston Martin Vulcan to Take On McLaren P1 GTR


Aston Martin VulcanAt the very tip of the road going performance spear is the supercar. These machines not only push the boundaries of what is legally possible on public highways, but also serve as halo cars for their respective brands. However, these rare creatures can be pushed even further with track-only variations which don’t need to take into account regulations in their design. The McLaren P1 GTR and LaFerrari FXX K do just that, but at the Geneva motor show they will be joined by a new rival… The Aston Martin Vulcan.

Very little is known about the Aston Martin Vulcan at this point beyond what is shown in the teaser video. The car will likely be powered by Aston Martin’s much loved V12 engine with an output expected to exceed that of the One-77. This track-only car will be produced in very limited numbers and act as a showcase of Aston Martin technology both from road cars and their success in racing. Expect plenty of carbon fibre and aerodynamic body features, not to mention previews of styling to feature in future models.

There is a slim chance the car could be inspired by the DP-100 concept car seen last year. That would make it mid-engined and a departure from Aston Martins of late. At this point all we have is speculation.

The Aston Martin Vulcan will be joined by the road legal Aston Martin Vantage GT3 at the Geneva motor show. See what you can gleam from the video below.