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Aston’s Rapide Nürburgring Racer


How far is Aston Martin willing to go to prove a point? Well quite far as it turns out, with the wraps being taken of their Aston Martin Rapide Nürburgring racer. The Rapide itself is designed to be a four-door sports car, giving all four occupants the thrill of an Aston Martin. However sprouting two extra doors has had the media pondering its validity as a performance car. Aston says that entering a near stock Rapide into this historic 24 hour race will prove its sporting credentials whilst under heavy public scrutiny. The only modifications are a set of slick tyres, lowered suspension and the lack of 3 seats.

This could pan out fantastically for the brand as they did the same with a slightly modified V12 Vantage in 2009. The result was that the car beat every competitor in its class and finished 24th overall, beating many purpose built race cars! If the Rapide can achieve similar goals it is not only another trophy for the Aston Martin cabinet, but will also silence the cars sceptics.

The 38th ADAC Nürburgring 24 hour race will take place on 15/16 May 2010 and we wish Aston and the Rapide the best of luck.