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Audi A1 Quattro Is Little Monster


Audi’s little A1 can be found bumbling around most cities these days flaunting its German luxury. The good looking hatch has a lot going for it in terms of practicality, style and of course badge snobbery. But what if you’re a little too manly for the baby of Audi’s range? What if testosterone regularly fills your veins and the A1 would provoke mockery from your manly friends? Well, Audi now has a solution for you.

This is the A1 variant we have all been waiting for! Audi’s new A1 Quattro not only has the German’s legendary four wheel drive, but also 252BHP from its 1.4 litre. Add 258lb-ft of torque into the mix and that equates to a 0-62MPH time of just 5.7 seconds. The pocket rockets top speed is 152MPH. New tyres, suspension and that aggressive body kit make the A1 Quattro the perfect Christmas gift.

Want one? Of course you do! However, claiming the keys to this little monster is easier said than done. Only 333 units will be produced and Audi have not conformed if any will be produced in right-hand-drive.