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Audi Acquires Ducati


For those outside of the motorcycle loop, such as myself, the whole conundrum that Ducati have been in has passed us by. For car fans it bares little or no relevance to our interests. That was until today… You see after a little research I have found that Ducati is something of a two-wheeled legend. Essentially the Ferrari of the motorcycle industry, the Italian brand has a vast history in both racing and on the road. Now news arrives that Audi has purchased Ducati.

After prolonged financial difficulties, Ducati much like Lamborghini, needed investment or a new owner. Audi is now the latter and with sales from 2011 being 19% high than in 2012, they had the disposable income to save Italy’s most prestigious bike makers. What happens from here is unclear as this was only confirmed today, but after seeing what the Germans did for Lamborghini, the future is looking bright for their new acquisition.