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Audi Alllroad Shooting Brake Concept Officially Hits Detroit


Audi Allroad Shooting Brake ConceptMany car buyers today seek that feeling of security you get in an SUV. The high driving position that sits you above the traffic, the strong rugged design and of course the amount of car around you. These SUV characteristics have leaked into other segments forming various niches, or in some cases, booming new sectors such as the crossover. Some manufacturers are pursuing the idea of performance oriented crossovers for those who want all of the above but a bit more under the hood. Audi’s new Allroad Shooting Brake Concept car offers just that.

This concept car, whilst hinting at some styling traits for the up and coming Audi TT, is a high riding showcase of performance technology. Its hybrid drivetrain can achieve an impressive 149MPG and a potential 502 mile range. Ok, so its green… But what about that aforementioned speed potential? Well how does 400BHP and a 650Nm of torque sound? 0-62MPH is done and dusted in 4.6 seconds and the Audi Alllroad Shooting Brake Concept will go onto a top speed of 155MPH.