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Audi Announce R8 GT Spyder


The Audi R8 is nothing short of astonishing. The very capable, very refined supercar quite rightly earned the title of most usable performance machine from day one. Last year Audi released the R8 GT, a hardcore R8 V10 with the addition of carbon fibre and more power. We recently reviewed the R8 Spyder and loved it but that then led us to thinking what would an R8 GT Spyder be like? Audi are just about to answer that very question.

Set to make its debut in a few months time this four ringed fire breather is to pack all the power of the coupe but add that “wind in your hair” experience. Performance is expected to be broadly similar however due to the mechanics of a folding roof top speed will likely be a tad less. But then again 560BHP and the sun above your head makes it a sacrifice worth making.