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Audi Launch the R8 Spyder V8


The Audi R8 is a mechanical marvel being both a supercar of apocalyptic scale, and a usable companion that can seat two in comfort. It appears to be the fashion these days that manufacturers cut the heads of all of their cars to create a rag-top edition; however Audi only did it with the range topping V10 model of the R8. The car is fantastically balanced with all the traits of the hardtop but with the addition of having the sky in the cabin with you. But what about the V8? What if you don’t want a V10 engine? Until today you were stuffed…

Audi have just added a V8 option to its R8 spyder line-up after demand for the smaller engine in this model became a profitable size. The V8 contains 426BHP and is capable of 0-62MPH in 4.8 seconds, more than enough to feel the wind in your hair. With the roof down it will keep going to 185MPH and with the R-tronic sequential gearbox, not to mention that perfect balance, the R8 spyder V8 is yet another car to add to our “give us the keys NOW” list.