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Audi R8 GT


What do you get when you take an already phenomenal super car such as the Audi R8, increase the power from its V10 from 525BHP to 560BHP, and reduce its mass by 100KG? Introducing the biblical Audi R8 GT!

The road going bullet can achieve 0-62MPH in a mindboggling 3.6 seconds and 0-124MPH in just 10.6!!!!!! (And yes those exclamation marks are required.) The cars top speed has been increased to 198.8MPH thanks to the previously mentioned power boost this now dominates its blood relative, the Gallardo. The 5.2 litre GT has also sprouted a fixed rear wing and is now heavily bathed in carbon fibre.

Only 333 examples of what will be listed as one of the greatest super cars of the era will be made at the cost of €193,000.