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Audi R8 V10 Spyder Wins Scottish Car Of The Year Award?


The annual car of the year awards are being decided at the moment and for every manufacturer these are tense times. To add this trophy to their new model instantly gives the car, no matter what it is, more credibility. However these awards are given out by dull beard  wielding men who enjoy reflecting on how the colour beige stimulates them. As a result cars such as the bland Vauxhall Vectra have won awards and beat the likes of the Ferrari F430. Now I know there is practicality issue with the Ferrari and also the cost is much steeper than the Vauxhall but it has better build quality, better comfort, better equipment and more importantly a better car to drive. But through the smog of ignorance comes hope from an unlikely place… Scotland.

Because the Scottish like to try and be independent, they have their reasons and I won’t be responsible for war breaking out, they have their own car of the year awards. So the winner of “drop-top of the year” is? Something stupid like the Astra TwinTop? No, the Audi R8 V10 Spyder! A car that we 100% agree deserves this award. Not only is it very practical for a supercar but it also offers German reliability and epic performance. If this form continues from the Scottish I feel we should at least have one of them on the panel to judge next year.