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Audi RS3 Sportback Ready For 2011


Audi’s A3 is a very popular, tediously reliable little hatch. These days economical engines in the car make it a viable choice for the family or even a well to do business man perhaps in its 3 door variation? But the best A3’s have always been the S-line models giving that bit of extra spice to what could be argued to be a dull car. Today Audi has gone that step further by announcing the RS3 Sportback!

This 340BHP clenched fist also supplies the driver with 331lb-ft of torque, more than enough from its 2.5 litre engine. It gets better still as the RS3 receives Audi’s new 7 speed dual-clutch transmission that will make the most out of those impressive figures. Remembering that this is still as practical as the standard car, it does manage 0-62MPH in 4.6 seconds! The cost of this performance is a rather steep £39,900 but think of it more as a wolf in sheeps clothing and it all becomes much more viable.