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Audi S1 is a Miniature Monster


Audi S1 Sportback frontThe hot hatchback wars are on! In this searing arena of exhaust popping, wheel arch flaring, bangs for your bucks manufacturers have really upped their game in order to be crowned king of the hill. Pocket rockets such as theAudi S1 Sportback rear Renault Clio RS, Seat Ibiza Cupra are boasting impressive numbers, But in our eyes at least, it is the Ford Fiesta ST that is the pick of the bunch. This ASBO inducer won our “2013 Car of the Year Award” for being great value for money and an absolute blast to drive. Looking to steal that crown is Audi and their new weapon of choice. This Audi S1 is a Miniature Monster.

To make its debut at the Geneva motor show, the Audi S1 sure is an angry looking hatch. The testosterone fuelled looks certainly score a big tick in the visuals box, but what about under the bonnet? Powered by a 2.0 litre turbocharged engine, the Audi S1 produces 228BHP and 273lb ft of torque. Cog swapping is done via a six speed manual transmission that gets the power down to all four wheels. Available as a three-door or a Sportback model, the S1 will do 0-62MPH 5.8 seconds.

The Audi S1 goes on sale this spring.