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Audi S3 Enters The Hot-Hatch Race


It’s looking an awful lot like civil over in Germany with 3 big brands battling it out for supremacy. The latest backdrop for these premium badges to do battle is the hot-hatch market. BMW have their weapon, and Mercedes-Benz will also be coming out to play. What will Audi send out into the wilderness as their combatant?

The answer is the all-new S3. Taking on the established rivals, not to mention undisputed champions such as the Megane R.S. and Focus ST, this car will have to pack quite a punch. Luckily Audi hasn’t underestimated the scale of their challenge and so the new S3 comes equipped with 296BHP. All of that power comes thanks to the 2.0 litre turbocharged motor under the bonnet. With the aid of 280lb-ft of torque and an optional S-tronic dual clutch gear box it will get to 62MPH from standing in just 5.1 seconds. Top speed is electronically limited to 155MPH.

Watch out top dogs, there is a new contender in the ring.