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Audi TT Roadster drops its Top


2015 Audi TT Roadster rearThe brand new Audi TT and Audi TTS Roadster have made their world debut at the Paris Motor Show this year. The price will range from £31,995 to £37,555, which puts it in close competition with the Porsche Boxster in regards to price. The TT Roadster 2.0 TDI ultra accelerates from 0-62mph in just 7.3 seconds and goes on to a top speed of an impressive 147mph. This is significantly slower than the Boxster but when you find out it can achieve 65mpg the TT Roadster seems to deliver most of the thrills of a sports car, but without you having to stop to fill it up all the time. The power output ranges from 180bhp to 305bhp dependent on model from a 4-cylinder turbocharged engine.

This new TT Roadster is a good-looking car with very defined angles giving it an imposing and purposeful look. The sharpness of the edges gives the Roadster a contemporary yet aggressive feel. The cockpit is ergonomic with a large display integrated into the instrument panel. These all-virtual instruments further reiterates the contemporary and almost futuristic feel of the car.

The new Roadster comes with a folding fabric roof to minimise weight versus a metal folding roof, and is able to open and close in just 10 seconds whilst travelling up to 31mph. The TT Roadster weighs in at 1, 320 kilograms.

The Audi TT and TTS Roadster may be a tempting choice then. Despite being close to the price of a Porsche Boxster, the TT is still a quick, good-looking car with crisp features, and its claimed 65mpg is extremely impressive from a turbocharged sports car. With fuel prices increasing, the TT Roadster may prove to be a very popular choice for a convertible sports car.

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