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Audi TT RS Plus Puts Boxster In Its Place


The phrase “hairdressers car” is batted about all over the place these days and is not a term the vast majority of people understand. You see a real “hairdressers car” is a machine that is all show and no go, not necessarily anything to do with the occupation, but stereotypically (I stress this) representative of the people in the profession. The original Audi TT is most defiantly one of these cars but since then it has grown up an awful lot. To show the doubters once and for all that it can do more than ferry the people who supply you with a cut and trim, Audi have unleashed something astonishing.

360BHP, 0-62MPH in just 4.1 seconds and a carbon fibre engine bay… Who is the hairdresser now Porsche Boxster?! That is the very battle cry Audi have produced with the TT RS Plus. Powered by a 2.5 litre direct injection engine the RS Plus can achieve a top speed of 174MPH. Available in both coupe and convertible, this hardcore menace should silence those who know nothing once and for all.