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Audi TT Turbo Diesel Gets to Grips with Quattro AWD


These days we’re blessed with so much choice when it comes to buying cars. Every individual model on the forecourt comes with a seemingly endless plethora of customisable features, from exterior add-ons to varying engine and drivetrain configurations. A leaf through the brochure for the latest generation Audi TT, for example, reveals an already ample list of options. Now, that particular catalogue is about to grow a page longer with the arrival of a four-wheel-drive diesel version of the German stable’s big-selling Coupé and Roadster.

The TDI quattro joins the Audi TT repertoire some three years after the third generation model broke cover at the 2014 Geneva Motor show. Slotting into the TT line-up alongside the existing front-wheel-drive TDI Coupé and Roadster, Audi is bringing its famous Quattro AWD system to the diesel TT Mk3 range for the first time. Previously exclusive to the petrol powered 2.0 TFSI TT, the new all-wheel-drive diesel combines 280lb-ft torque from the 2.0litre TDI engine with a six-speed S tronic twin-clutch transmission. Power is funnelled to all four wheels intelligently thanks the Quattro’s wheel selective torque control for extra-precise handling in all weathers.

In terms of sheer power, the 2.0 litre TDI still possesses upwards of 180bhp but better traction afforded by the Quattro AWD means the TT TDI Coupé can accelerate from 0-62mph in 6.7 seconds. That betters the front-wheel-drive model’s sprint time by some four tenths of a second and it’s a similar story for the AWD Roadster, which surpasses the same marker in 7.0 seconds. Keep your foot planted and the TT TDI Quattro Coupé will hit a top speed of 145mph, or 142mph if it’s the Roadster you’re piloting.

Both the Coupé and Roadster variants of the new Audi TT TDI Quattro are already available to order in Sport, S line and Black Edition specification. Prices for the entry level trim start from £34,230 OTR with the first few models cropping up in UK showrooms this spring.