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AWD Audi R18 Hybrid To Storm Le Mans


Peugeot may be done with Le Mans for now but the void it has left has made some space for a flurry of interesting competitors. Toyota’s effort is looking more promising day by day and now Audi is to field a second type of car. Hybrids are nothing new in endurance racing, but if what the Germans bring to France proves successful it may change their strategy for future events.

Dubbed the Audi R18 E Tron Quattro, the racers V6 TDI powers all four wheels with the aid of a hybrid motor provided by no less than the Williams F1 team. It is also the first endurance racer to use an all carbon fibre gearbox housing in a bid to offset the increased weight of the hybrid power train. The aim is to increase efficiency thus spending less time in the pit lane and more clocking up the miles out on track.