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Baby Seat Mii Revealed


VW are no doubt going to sell a lot of their new VW Up’s! as the small package offers a seemingly perfect city companion. Developing a car of any size is a costly matter and when you have a group as big as the Germans, platform sharing is not uncommon. Skoda have unveiled the Citigo based upon the Up! and now Seat announce the Mii.

We are not too sure what Nintendo have to say about the name but the little car, just like the Citigo, will use the Up! platform. Seat’s last small car did them very well and with the Mii they hope of a repeat performance. The car will compete mainly on price as well as using the Seat badge to its advantage particularly in Spain. Again this variant of VW’s small car is powered by two 1.0 litre engines, 59BHP or 74BHP.

The Seat Mii goes on sale next summer and cost just under £8,000.