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Bad Karma, Fisker Based Saloon Gets ZR1 Power


VL Automotive Destino rearThe Fisker Karma is a bit of an automotive mixed bag. There is no doubt that its styling and exceptionally high levels of luxury makes it one of the best with its class in that aspect, but factor in its cost and return in performance and all of a sudden being environmentally responsible disagrees with your bank balance. Former GM chairman Bob Lutz reckons he might just have an answer to your Karma problems.

Named the VL Automotive Destino, this Fisker Karma based saloon has bid farewell to its green credentials in favour of the fabled LS9 engine from the Corvette ZR1. The V8 produces 638BHP and sends all of those ponies to the rear wheels. A higher bonnet and quad exhaust pipes have been installed to accommodate its new heart. The car preserves Fisker’s fantastic interior but also its hefty price. A Karma will set you back $102,000 but the Destino will cost $78,000 more than that.

VL Automotive Destino insideVL Automotive Destino front