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BBC Blunders F1 Coverage, Evil Sky Takes Advantage


The world in its current state is full of people and companies attempting to save as much money as possible. With a general lack of global cash flow it is understandable that changes have to be made, however, you wouldn’t get rid of your prized possession just to raise a few pounds when you have plenty of other junk to get rid of first. Today the BBC has made one of the worst decisions in its history.

“Formula One has come home” is what they said when the sport made a triumphant return to the BBC a few years ago. Coverage was better than ever and the show brought them record viewing figures, not just for F1, but for any program they produce. So why has the BBC given up their exclusive rights to Formula One from next year? Sky shall now cover every race but the BBC will only broadcast live on 50% of them. It is all in a bid to save money in the house of the British Broadcasting Company. This may smooth out the balance seats but why get rid of your crown jewel when you could ditch a whole horde of other crap to achieve the same outcome.

Shame on you BBC as the British public now has no other alternative than to pay for Sky Sports! It is legalized extortion that will cost hardcore fans what little money they have and cost the sport many viewers.