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Bentley Launch Fastest Model In Their History


Bentley have sold many Continental models over the years. The luxury coupe is often snapped up by footballers, celebrities or just people with a little too much money. Despite the company the car keeps it is a brilliant and a very capable machine. The Continentals latest incarnation offers more power but less weight, not to mention a V8 option. But let’s be honest here… It is the GT Speed variant we have all been waiting for.

Turning the Bentley Continental from a luxury cruiser to a ballistic missile is the 2012 GT Speed. This is the fastest Bentley ever produced as its 616BHP W12 engine will propel the car to 205MPH. This British brute also churns out a biblical 590lb-ft of torque aiding it in a 0-62MPH sprint of just 4 seconds. Stiffer suspension, sharper steering and a retuned gearbox complete the package. The GT Speed will cost you £160,000 making it £20,000 cheaper than the recently unveiled Vanquish from Aston Martin. Though this is more of a sledge hammer to the Aston’s elegant cheese knife, there is no doubt that Bentley are looking to be very competitive.