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Bentley Planning 5 Door Super Saloon


From what began as an incredibly small niche in the market comes a horde of these so called “super saloons.” Turn the clock back a year and nobody thought the concept was viable other than Aston Martin, but the closest they came was concept car, now everybody is trying to get into the segment. Porsche brought the Panamera, Aston launched the Rapide, BMW are set to put the Gran Coupe Concept into production, Audi are doing the same with the A7 and now Bentley is thinking of following suit.

Sources from within the company have said that the next generation Continental is likely to form a five door “fastback” variant to compete with others in the market. Their Flying Star concept, of which 20 will be manufactured, gave us our closest look at what such a car could look like. With VW’s parts-bin within reach of the Bentley engineers, this car with an appropriate execution could wipe the floor with all existing competition, think W12 and AWD.

We’re all for it, just tell the designers to send us the keys once they are finished.