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Bentley Produce 600BHP Arabia for Middle-East


Bentley is very much a symbol of wealth. The winged B began in motorsport, a sport for those with money behind them. Then came their luxury front which back in the day gave some worries to Rolls-Royce. Ever since the Germans captured Bentley and created the wonderful Flying Spur the brand has cemented itself amongst the rich in the 21st century. So it makes sense for the British company to create a special edition for somewhere that has more money than flowing water… The middle-east.

It’s called the Flying Spur Speed Arabia and will we limited to just 50 examples all to be sold in the land of black gold. The Arabia has relatively minor differences to the standard car visually such as a new footplate, ashtray lid and a smattering of new logos. Things get interesting when Bentley announced that the already astonishing W12 engine that powers standard Flying Spurs gets a power increase to 600BHP and 750NM of torque! The press release then became very German telling us that this is a 9% increase in power and a 15% increase in torque. But all these numbers and facts lead to one staggering piece of information, this car will do 0-62MPH in 4.2 seconds making it the fastest four door saloon on the market today.

Shame it’s only going to be sold from one of Bentleys 9 dealerships in Abu Dhabi.