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Bentleys Meet Watery Grave in Cargo Ship Catastrophe


bentley cargo shipFor many bespoke or handcrafted cars, a journey across the ocean is inevitable. Often built in their home nation, even if paid for by a foreign ownership, wealthy new owners are situated all over theBentley Mulsanne Speed globe and so cargo vessels take these prestigious machines onward to their new homes. For Bentley and Rolls-Royce, manufactured in Crew and Goodwood respectively, stemming from an island nation they do not have too much of a choice. However, yesterday disaster struck as a large cargo ship listed and ran aground.

Hoegh Osaka was on its way to Germany with a cargo of 1,400 cars and construction equipment. It is a regular at Southampton docks often exporting British built vehicles. According to the ships owners, The Hoegh began to list heavily before a decision was made to beach it to prevent a complete sinking. It is thought that a substantial amount of cargo weight shifted causing the huge change in stability.  Amongst its 1,400 cars was a fleet of Bentleys and a couple of Rolls-Royce reports leading national newspapers. An assessment is underway, however, it is presumed that many of the luxury vehicles are badly damaged. The cargo ship, now listing at 52 degrees as of this morning, may take many weeks to recover. Two crew members are in hospital with non-life threatening injuries, thankfully nobody was killed.