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BMW 6 Series Coupe Concept Exposed


BMW of late have been very keen on making cars that nobody needs nor wants. The X1 with its 4X4 pretences, the X5 and it’s lacking of high climbing abilities, the X6 with the worlds most uncomfortable ride as well as looks inspired by a genital wart. So we began to lose faith in the Germans after a while as we feared the days of good looking drivers cars were over. But those thoughts thankfully were premature, this is the new 6 Series and this is what restored our faith.

Though its name currently bears the concept tag, this is merely a formality. This is the 99% finished product and it is a stunner! This must be the most gorgeous BMW in the past 5 years, yes the new Z4 is good looking but it has nothing on the 6 Series Concept. It is very clear that some of the design work has been lifted from the Gran Coupe concept, which we loved, of earlier this year to bring this absolute wonderment. The new interior is clean and carries the flowing design from the exterior right through the cabin. There are not specifications on the car as yet but expect it to be powered by BMW’s new 4.4 litre V8. The new 6 should be in showrooms Q1 2011.

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