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BMW 6 Series Coupe Launched


The BMW 6 Series has a history dating back to 1976 with the very beautiful first generation  model. Even today the original still draws looks of envy as it is a BMW from a period where their drivers were not stereotyped a I.T. blokes. I would never describe a car as “cool” but that is exactly what ever 6 Series is, the civilized 3 Series for people with taste. The last 6 had a nuclear weapon and so BMW have quite the task to top it with this new model.

Ok, so the previous car wasn’t as dynamic to drive as we hoped but the power delivery was relentless. The new coupe joins the convertible that is currently on sale with some charming looks and an enticing range of engines. Obviously the range topping 4.4 litre V8 with 401BHP is our main focal point but a 3 litre straight-six is also available. An M variant is expected next year that will employ the up and coming 5 Series’ twin-turbo V8.