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BMW Announce M3 Limited Edition 500


When it comes to spending some serious money on a new car the last thing you want is to pull up in a car park and be surrounded by the very same motor. All of a sudden your big investment doesn’t seem all that unique. BMW’s M3 is a very popular machine and suffers from exactly this. Every banker in London owns one and you are expected pay over £50,000 to join that club. Well if you are in the market for a new M3 and want to stand out a little, the Germans new special edition might just do the trick.

Ok, so just how special it is can be debated but it will be rare. Just 500 of these limited edition M3’s will be built and offer over £4,000 of optional equipment as standard. Visually the grills and tailpipes are finished in a dark chrome whilst being joined by a set of black alloy wheels. The cars performance remains the same.

The M3 Limited Edition 500 starts from £55,690 in coupe form and £59,785 as a convertible.