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BMW Driftmob Thrashes M235i


BMW DriftmobDrifting was once confined to 70’s film cop chases when it was used to portray the worst driver starting to lose control and taking a slower line than the hero. Today it is a very different story with controlled slides being engineered into an art form, one that a certain Mr Block has made a career from. BMW has shot a video of ace drivers putting the BMW M235i through its paces… Sideways. Named the BMW Driftmob, they are very good.

Starring in likely the most impressive piece of synchronised driving you will witness today. The BMW Driftmob take over a roundabout and preform a choreographed routine that not only includes prolonged slides, but also some manoeuvres that come within inches of each other. These five M235i’s burn rubber like there is no tomorrow and then simply vanish into the city. Fantastic driving from each of these highly talented drivers.

We know that the BMW M235i is a very capable car with its 3.0 litre straight six engine producing 321BHP. See our review here. With a 0-62MPH of just 5 seconds and a top speed electronically limited to 155MPH, it walks the walk and talks the talk.

Check out the BMW Driftmob video.