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BMW i3 Coming Next Year, We Feel the Buzz


Today manufacturers are clearly pushing towards a more environmentally friendly way of conveying us about the planet. Hybrids kicked off the motion promising greener motoring. Then all-electric cars started to flourish replacing combustion with voltage and batteries. Despite these steps forwards no manufacturer has produced a car with the clear incentive of being a ground-up revelation. Even the Nissan Leaf still looks like a car of today as opposed to a car of tomorrow. BMW’s impending i3 will change all that.

BMW’s new “i” range begins a chapter of efficient eco cars for the German brand. They will launch the i3 next year to commence their longterm plans. The i3 is a city car that runs entirely on electricity and uses new carbon fibre technologies to increase strength and decrease weight. This innovation continues within its design language providing the world with a unique and very original look. Seating four, this 170BHP car will be capable of 80-100 miles on one charge.