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BMW i8 to Introduce Laser Lights


BMW i8 blackEver since man first put candlelit lanterns on horse drawn carriages in order to see at night, engineers and scientists has been on a quest to better illuminate the road ahead. With the invention of the lightbulb things became a lot easier, no need to carry around a box of matches. However the way we drive at night hasn’t really changed very much since then, yes LED’s have furthered our ability to light the road  in a more efficient manner, but come on it is 2014! Shouldn’t we be seeing something a bit more futuristic by now? Whilst we don’t possess hover boards just yet, BMW are to give us something that isn’t too far away from what was once considered science fiction. BMW i8 to introduce laser lights.

Did anyone read that and not have the Jessie J song pop into their head? That is right, the already rather futuristic BMW i8 hybrid sports car will have the option of being fitted with lights that use lasers. The new lights will be almost twice as bright as the best LED’s fitted to cars currently and will be capable of lighting the road up to 600 metres ahead.

The BMW i8 launches later this year with a 1.5 litre petrol engine and two electric motors. 0-62MPH can be done in just 4.4 seconds and it will go onto do 155MPH. Not bad for a car capable of 113MPG. Putting these lights on the i8 means that BMW beat rivals Audi to introducing the technology. After the i8 the lights will be offered on the rest of the BMW range.