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BMW i8 Is iRobot Fantasy That Became A Reality


We are not against the “greening” of the automotive industry. We all know that oil will eventually run out and we must look to alternatives. However, if you want us to drive any form of eco-car it must, as a minimum requirement, meet all our expectations of a conventional car. It has to impress and if manufactures want us to praise more environmentally friendly cars there can be no compromises. BMW has got the message and are due to provide the world with something that could get us addicted to saving the planet.

It’s called the i8 and we have seen it in a much rawer concept form  a few years back. Now BMW has been developing the car in the real world readying it for 2013. Powered by an electric motor and the front wheels in all-electric mode, it will do 20 miles. Hit the fun button and power is swapped to the rear and provided by a 1.5 litre turbo petrol engine. Made vastly out of carbon fibre and with 50/50 weight distribution the i8 is a sports saloon that promises performance, some of the most striking looks to ever befall a car, and when both motors combine a car that more than pleases the green party.

Give us the keys BMW and we will save the environment all-day-long.