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BMW i8 Spyder Is Sexy And It Knows It


Today you can ask almost anyone for the one letter that defines the BMW brand. M cars are often so close to perfect that they don’t do an awful lot else other than lead the pack. But what about the future? BMW for a while now has set plans in motion for another letter to be of significance. BMW’s i division doesn’t so much focus on potential race performance, but on performance in just about every other respect. The i8 Concept is a sleek machine that entices you over to the “green” side with devilishly handsome looks, fantastic efficiency, and the capacity to perform as well as existing sports cars. Sounds good doesn’t it? Well it just got better with the i8 Spyder.

Looking even better than it’s fixed roof counterpart, the i8 Spyder promises all the same green credentials. Still achieving 90MPG, the hybrid packs 354BHP and 405lb-ft of torque not to mention a 0-62MPH time of 5 seconds. Top Speed? Well that would be the 155MPH cherry on top. BMW’s stroke of genius comes with the option to select front, rear or all wheel drive dependent on the cars environment.

The best part about all this is that the Spyder has already been confirmed for production and will hit showrooms, one year after the coupe is due, in 2015.


  1. une voiture rien a dire rien a critique juste une seule chose le tableaux de bord aurrait ete encore avec plus d’option style la sensation de plusieur boutons ect…
    sinon deja comme cela elle est top je nai jamais rouler ni aimer les bmw mais avec vos nouvelles models comme la m5 x6 et se prototype de 2015 i8 je tiens a vous dire que j’ai commencer a etre un amoureux de bmw