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BMW Launches M3 Pick-Up Truck


The mighty BMW M3 is a nuclear missile of a German coupe. Its ample power and sublime handing make it a potent rival for competitors. The M3 bloodline has been running through the brand since 1972 and today comes in many forms. Coupe, cabriolet and saloon all offer the same seat of your pants experience. But what if you are a builder? What if you need to fit a cement mixer in your performance machine. Well manual labourers rejoice as BMW announce the M3 puck-up.

The 414BHP working man’s beast is powered by a 4.0 litre V8 that revs to an incredible 8,300rpm. Torque is a hefty 295lb-ft, more than enough to pull anything you may wish to attach to the newly fitted tow bar. 186MPH is easily achievable on a clear stretch of road! This thing is biblical bringing the ultimate in practicality to one of the ultimates in performance. It weighs in at 50KG less than the coupe and so acceleration is expected to be even more brisk than its more conventional sibling.

Potential buyers should make a note of today’s date, April 1st, as the car will only be on sale until 12:00 midday.