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BMW M Division Wants To Build HALO Car


They are one of the most recognised divisions in the automotive industry and over the decades have produced some of the world’s most spectacular cars. BMW’s M division defines the German company and continues to put competitors to shame. Crancking more power out of already incredible machines whilst improving overall performance, it is hard to find a close competitor. Mercedes-Benz’ AMG branch would be seen as their closest rival and as to who is better, is simply a matter of opinion. Though AMG do have one big crowning glory that the big bad M does not. Merc allowed them to build their own car.

The Mercedes SLS AMG was built entirely by AMG and is an outstanding supercar, but where as they have been given the freedom, the M division has not. M’s own product development chief is crying out for BMW to allow them to build a halo car. Something along the lines of the BMW M1 Hommage we imagine… However, BMW must first be shown the numbers to prove this car a viable business proposition. You can’t really blame them, after all this game is all about profit, but we do wish the bosses would let the M division off the leash.