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BMW M135i is 3.0 Litre ASBO Enduser


Rivalries can spark many things. War, jealousy, hate, greed are all items that are often a byproduct. However the best thing about rivalry is that it generates competition and the lust to do better than your adversary. Audi and Mercedes-Benz are both in the premium small car market and both offer, or soon will, performance orientated variants. Now the last time I spoke about the new BMW 1 Series I wasn’t very nice about it, but this M135i might just change that.

We first saw this M135i is concept guise not all that long ago promoting the notion of a 3 door 1 Series. A range of 3 door models have been launched but this 3.0 litre, 6 cylinder, twin-scroll turbo, pocket rocket is the real star of the show. Producing 316BHP and achieving the 0-62MPH dash in just 5.1 seconds (manual) or 4.9 seconds (8 speed automatic). Stopping power has been upgraded from the standard car also with the addition of larger discs both front and rear. Swollen body features further portray the intentions of this little monster.

Audi and Mercedes would be unwise to write the M135i off.