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BMW M3 CLS Coming June


BMW’s M3 is the brands golden boy. No other car in the line-up has as much fame, prestige or credibility as the combination of the M badge wearing 3 Series. A few years ago a fabled CLS variant was under development but the Germans announced that the project was scrapped in order to focus on other segments. Well now the legend has all but been confirmed for a return in June.

To debut officially at the Nurburgring is a light weight M3 that sits between the standard car and the GTS model. More power will be produced by the 4.0 litre V8 and in combination with the cars already fantastic handling and lack of mass it is set to be quite the machine. The car will be of limited numbers and will have “other surprises” in store for us. The CLS will also sport a wider track and more aggressive body styling.

We can’t wait!