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BMW M3 Tiger Edition, It’s Very Orange


The BMW M3 has been with us for 25 years now and for all that time it has been a brilliant machine. Ok so these days it is more of a luxury coupe than a cheap thrill but the ethos of the car is still there. BMW have carried their M3 celebrations into China fusing the national culture with a vary orange special edition car.

When I first saw it I thought M3 GTS owners had just been mugged as this looks very much like their costly coupe minus the spoiler. This is the BMW M3 Tiger Edition named so after the Chinese tradition of matching the current year with an animal. Yep you guessed it; this year is the year of the tiger. The all leather interior will be scattered with tiger logos on areas such as the head rests and the car also gets those fetching 19 inch alloys as standard. Only 250 examples will be produced so if you have the eye of the tiger, and you live in China, you had better get down to the dealership asap.