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BMW M4 GTS is the Fastest Series Production BMW Ever


BMW M4 GTS Front

The BMW M4 GTS has been revealed and is something the company has dubbed as ‘the ultimate driving machine’. It is also the fastest series-production BMW road car ever made so it certainly has the guts to go with this claim. BMW’s bearing the M badge have always been something somewhat special and the GTS element only adds to it’s world-reknown driving dynamics as the German manufacturer’s motorsport expertise is injected into this new model.

As is the way with almost every performance car these days, the M4 GTS has been subject to extensive testing and development at the Nürburgring Nordschleife, where it recorded a time of 7 mins 28 seconds, almost 30 seconds faster than the standard M4 which was never any slouch to begin with.

So where does all this impressive performance come from? Well, under the bonnet you will find a 3.0-litre six-cylinder twin turbo petrol engine, which delivers 500bhp and 600Nm of torque. This means that 0-62mph is dealt with in just 3.8 seconds and will max out at a limited top speed of 190mph. It’s not just brute force that makes the GTS so much faster than the standard M4, however. The lightweight design means it weighs 1,510kg, and the motorsport derived engineering makes for a precise and agile driving experience. BMW say the M4 GTS is very much a track focused car but is still road legal.

Unique features inside include the introduction of BMW’s Organic Light with LED technology, the first to be implemented into a series-production model. The rear bench has also been removed and replaced with two carbon-fibre sports seats to save weight. You wouldn’t mistake the M4 GTS for anything else from the outside either, with it’s muscular, prominent form and Acid Orange and carbon fibre detailing it really does look light an out-and-out performance racer.

Ignoring the likely compromised comfort of the more sporty GTS, there also seems to be little in the way of sacrifice with this latest model. It will even offer a combined 34mpg so will be relatively inexpensive to run considering what you’re getting.

Inevitably, less weight and greater performance result in a bigger price tag. The on-the-road price for the BMW M4 GTS starts at £121,770, which puts it very much in the firing line of the Audi R8,  Porsche 911 Turbo and the Mercedes-Benz AMG GTS. All of which make very tough competition, especially when it comes to real world usability.

A reason for this price is it’s rarity, however. Only 700 will be built world wide during its one year production run and only 30 will make it to UK shores, making the UK it’s fourth biggest market.

The BMW M4 GTS will make it’s world debut at the Tokyo Motor Show on 28 October 2015, before production starts in March 2016.

BMW M4 GTS InteriorBMW M4 GTS Detail